Basil Mint Pesto Egg Salad



1/2 cup chopped fresh basil
1/4 cup chopped fresh mint
2 tablespoons chopped celery
3 cloves garlic
1/5 cup chick peas
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup hemp oil
2 tablespoons flax oil

Salt and pepper to taste
Blend in food processor till a thin paste..
Add 4 hard boiled eggs..


Absolutely delicious



Strawberry Picking Delicious 


Nothing like picking your own strawberries in a terrential downpour. At least it was a warm rain, and I wore my Beatles shirt as tribute.

Bean and I couldn’t wait to eat some of these sweet beautiful berries.

Some of them were pretty interesting..

When we got home, we washed them.

Then we made coconut milk strawberry smoothies.


Kokomo made homemade cheesecake with a homemade strawberry sauce to go with it.


We also made some homemade coconut milk Popsicles with chai seeds and a batch of frozen yogurt strawberry Popsicles too.

  And for dinner tonight I had, sprout salad with strawberries hemp seeds fetta & balsamic  vinegarette dressing. 

 It’s a red  season, we have a touch of strawberry fever. Maybe tomorrow make strawberry pancakes .😜🍓🍓🍓❤️

Biodegradable SCOBY Plant Pots


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I am so excited about plant pots designed  by Gianluca Menini that are formed from a Kombucha S.C.O.B.Y (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast).

Today I stumbled upon this video posted by Rinneh on youtube.

I am always looking for innovative new ways to use  my extra SCOBIES, I love this idea and I can not wait to try it. If you love it too and have tried this method of planting, please leave comments as I am curious about the results. ❤

Killer Curry Fish Taco Sauce


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A quick and delicious fish taco sauce that I whipped up today. I tossed it all in a Ninja food processor. I used half to cover the fish about halfway through broiling, and then drizzled the rest on the tacos. Sooo very good.



3 mini sweet peppers
3 cloves garlic
1/4 cup Grapeseed oil
1 Tbsp mayo
1 Tbsp green curry paste
Sueeze a lime
1/4 of a tomato

And heavy dashes of the following…

cheyenne pepper
dark chili powder

pinch gran masala
pinch of cane sugar

Ninja it.

(I don’t usually measure anything, just trying to ballpark it for the sake of posting, add as much or as little as you’d like)… :)✌
As far as the actual taco, that’s all you.
But here’s ours…


Slather, smother, and enjoy…


Get A Grip Tiny Crochet Hook Holder DIY Up-Cycle


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This wonderful re-purpose is a Gush invention. My Aunt is a master at crocheting and my Uncle is also a master at creating things. He saw her need and came up with up-cycling a non working pen into a tiny crochet handle.

You need:
A tiny crochet hook
And a click pen


Unscrew the pen and discard the ink and spring.

Insert crochet hook and screw together.


Thats it! Now you can spare your fingers some strain when you are doing your tiny crochet.
Thank you to my Aunt Janice and Uncle Randy for sharing this marvelous re-purpose.

DIY My Heart Skips a Beat Shadow Box Tutorial


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November and December 2014 652

With Valentine’s Day Approaching in a little over a month I thought I would share how to create a keepsake  memento worthy of display.

You will need to gather supplies:

  1. Shadow box
  2. Elmer’s glue or Modge Podge
  3. Tea bags ( I used a chai and a black tea)
  4. Printer
  5. Lace or other decorative fabric or paper for edging.
  6. Oven or hair dryer for drying.

First, you will need to save this picture to your computer.

heart skipping abeat

Now open it up in word or paint

choose a font and add a text box with your names and anniversary.

Adjust the size to be in proportion to your shadow box.

Save and print.

November and December 2014 650

cut to fit into your shadow box.

Now, You will need to apply your modge podge to the inner edge of your shadow box an apply your lace, scrapbook paper, newsprint or whatever you chose for your edging (you cn omit the shadow box and place in a simple frame). While the Modge Podge  dries……

November and December 2014 648

boil some water about 1’4 cup to wet your tea bags (i re-used two teabags from a fresh brewed cup of tea).

place your printed heart onto a baking sheet or cookie tray.

Dip your tea bags and squeeze out excess tea then Dab the warm wet tea bags onto your printed heart. Repeat this step until you have the desired result and color. Keep in mind different teas have different coloring that is why I used the chai to get a burnt coloring and the black tea to get a browner coloring. You can make swatches for future choices.

November and December 2014 646

Once you have the desired look place your tray in the oven on 200 degrees and till dry. Keep an eye on it you do not want to burn it up.

When dry allow to cool a minute and then glue into your shadow box.

You will want to allow your shadow box to remain open for about 30 minutes to allow any excess moisture to evaporate and your modge podge to dry prior to closing up.

Believe it or not I have seen these same keepsakes retail for $40.00 on some sites (Pyramid Collection>vampire section), I made mine with a $3.00 clearance shadow box and supplies I already have at home. I hope you love it!

Essential Oils Under $20.00


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september mid 2014 615

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